Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spell To Turn Yourself Into A Wolf Is There A Spell, Or Way To Turn Yourself Into A Wolf?

Is there a spell, or way to turn yourself into a wolf? - spell to turn yourself into a wolf

Well, I'm part Cherokee Indian and I wonder whether there is any possibility of a wolf. I watched movies on Shapeshifters are Indian, and wondered whether there is any truth in this area. Even if someone knows a way to transform into a wolf, please share it. We certainly do not want comments like, you can not wrong, drinking water from a wolf print, do not want too much, or things along that line. And if you reply please give a little history in your explination. For people who say --- Your take years to complete, or you do not want to kill your family and all that load of BS can only say that I have nothing to lose if the spelling or renovation work.


Jisdu said...

Siyo American cultures and most locals have a long tradition of form controls is not the kind of things you can learn about the Internet. Those to be in a position to do these things, perhaps never taught in the public forum. If you learn something important, will go to the source (the elderly medicine, etc.) in person and even then can not or do not teach it. The choice is entirely yours. Gifts, bribes and / or flattery, you will lead nowhere. who decide these things for their own reasons. If someone says he will show for the money, run away, they are wrong. In the manner of such knowledge, there is no shortcut and there is no fast track. Anyone who says otherwise is misleading or deceiving themselves. Wado Jisdu

Blackang... said...

Your body reflects your mind, talk to a shaman or spiritual leader of the compound, the mental change is the easy part, a little more physical.
The form is not limited to a wolf.
You are limited only by itself.
You're not really, as they now appear that the energy is not required by your will and perceptions.

Coolrogu... said...

You talk about Indian spirituality, and that is something that we do not discuss is not beyond our own families, most of the time. It would be blasphemy to discuss spirituality in a public forum such as this. Our spirituality is very private!

Dani said...

SECURE God's curse accept life and give your presentation to the devil .... WORK.

PS IM sarcastically to Jesus, God bless HOPR me make the right choice. I do not want to be in hell help.
OPEN to read the Bible and readings. As you said, you have nothing to lose.

Keltasia said...

Talk to your elders of the tribe.

lilbit... said...


Goblin g said...

There is at least to my knowledge, no charm, in which someone or something else. Aboriginal traditions and Wiccan tradition, they share many common beliefs, one being the spiritual leader and / or animal guides.

To find your animal spirit guide or in a dark room where they do not (no phone call, so get on your nerves.) Close your eyes and imagine a quiet, beautiful (such as a lake, river, forest, etc..) Stay calm and focused when you are in your mind. Also ask your mind, (in background) as their leader, you will receive. Wait until someone or something to show where you believe him. This will give you directions. You can ask questions, the guide will be answered. All this has happened in your mind. Do not talk loudly. Visit your guide for as long or as little time as you want. You can even visit this special place in your mind, help you, anytime you want. The more you practice, more knowledge and understanding that IGuide to the Uruguay Round.

Have a wonderful rest of the night. Bright Blessings.

LittleRe... said...

I agree with Black Angel in this ...
I want to learn to change their shape when ...

I think it'll be fun
= D

I want to be a butterfly ... Why?
Coz no one suspects the butterfly!


But seriously, your health? I think to get some books in the library or bookstore - they have many books on this topic, and remember, in one of these stores also spiritualism pop ... There I bought me from ...

Waterstones, Isis (I do not know if you live in Hertfordshire, England or not) are the two places I bought from me ...

They have some very strange call, but fashionable items ... (seriously they do ...)

More ... there is always the truth behind the myth created by man ...

bitexme1... said...

"Ghosts of the Abyss, which was never asleep, dear to me.

Spirits of the grave, without a soul, save it, kind to me.

The spirits of the trees that grow in the LEA, with me gently.

Spirits of air, dirty and black, not just good for me.

The spirits of the dead who will glide silently, with the tread, kind to me

Spirits of heat and fire, the destruction of their anger with me gently.

Spirits of cold and ice, phantoms of crime and vice was to kind to me.

Wolves, vampires, satyrs, ghosts!

Elected every devilish hosts!

I beg to have here, please send it here, please send it here

The gray form huge attraction that makes people!

Chills, shivering, chills!

Come, come, come! "

"Hail, Hail, Hail, great wolf spirit, hello!

I ask a favor, the mighty shadow.

Within this circle I have done.

Make me a werewolf is strong and courageous.

Terror as young and old.

Give me a numbertall and slender;

The proportion of elk, bear claws;

The venom of snakes, the spirit of the fox;

The camouflage of the wolf, the strength of the ox;

The jaws of the tiger shark teeth;

The eyes of a cat, you get in the dark;

I scream like a monkey and smell like a dog;

Swim like a fish, and eat like a pig.

Quick, quick, quick, lonely spirit, hurry up!

Here, WAN and dark fate decision

Do you think that - trembling, shaking.

Gently fan like I am lying.

And mystical touch to your request.

Touch apply, and I swear that when I die,

When I die, I will serve you forever,

Increasingly, the land of gray wolves, cold and raw. "

"Make me a werewolf! Xxx me a room!

Make me a werewolf! Make me a xxxxx-eater!

Make me a werewolf! Make me a xxxxx-eater!

I pine for blood! xxxxx blood!

Give it to me! Give it to me tonight!

Great Spirit Wolf! Give It To Me, and heart, body and soul, I am yours! "

Idk from the Internet, if it works. GOOD LUCK.

strawber... said...

I would be very similar, but not me, I know that American Indians were bad guiding spirit throughout his life and the religious Wican many different ways they have what you want awnsering have not be angry is not something very spiritual, I believe it is a way to turn, I do not believe in the Bible says that God became man in the stone or water into wine, and the undead? all only on the spiritual path that you want to accept, and that is absolutely wonderful ..... Good luck with your journey.

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